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That’s so lit – Pro-tec Fire Services
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That’s so lit – Pro-tec Fire Services

Summary: Meet our Deputy Chief of Pro-tec Fire Services at YYC.

It’s day three of Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada (or day two of our content)!


Pro-tec Fire Services provides Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Services (ARFF), here at YYC.  The main objective of the ARFF service is to save lives in the event of an aircraft emergency at the airport or aerodrome. In this context, an aircraft fire-fighting service is a contingent resource tasked with the primary responsibility of providing a fire-free egress route for the evacuation of passengers and flight crew following an aircraft accident. However, the ARFF service responds to various types of emergencies on the airfield, in addition to aircraft incidents, such as fuel spills and medical calls. At YYC, Pro-tec staffing includes a Fire Chief who works Monday through Friday and four platoons providing 24/7 coverage 365 days per year.  Each platoon consists of one Deputy Chief, one Captain and four firefighters.

At YYC, we must ensure that we meet the ARFF requirements outlined in Transport Canada regulations. One of the many requirements is to ensure a minimum number of ARFF vehicles in service which maintains our Crash Fire Rescue category. We are required to have three ARFF vehicles in service, but we have a total of five: RED 1 to RED 5. Our primary response vehicles are RED 1, 2 and 5. The two remaining vehicles are reserved when mechanical issues arise on the front-line units. Just like your personal vehicle, the ARFF vehicles need to be regularly maintained and some work requires an ARFF vehicle to be taken out of service.  

Did you know?

  • ARFF vehicles are designed for one person to drive and operate. We also have a medical unit, RED 9, for responding to airside medicals and medicals on-board aircraft.
  • We are required to respond to the mid-point of our farthest runway from the firehall within three minutes. To ensure we meet this requirement we conduct a response test on an annual basis and report to Transport Canada. Aircraft Rescue Firefighters go through extensive training and re-current training every year and take part in regulatory exercises.
  • We have two 737 aircraft on-site for the firefighters to use for ongoing training and exercises.

Follow Pro-tec on Instagram @protecfireservices.

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