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Canadian Aviation Security Awareness Program Introduction

The Canadian Aviation Security Awareness Program (CASAP) is one component of the Calgary International Airport Security Program. Through a layered and proactive approach, CASAP was created for all airport employees, regardless of organisation and position to better understand the security requirements and culture at the Calgary International Airport. To obtain or re-new a RAIC, RAP, or Airport Identity Card, the onus is placed on the individual to prove CASAP has been completed.

Course Details

The course is an interactive e-learning, computer-based program with video and photos jointly developed by Class 1 partner airports to ensure a common and consistent presentation. It consists of two modules:

1. CASAP National - approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete

2. CASAP YYC - approximately 25 minutes to complete

Test questions at the completion of each module are administered to verify understanding of the course material. 100% must be achieved to successfully complete each module. It is mandatory for all personnel employed within the Air Terminal Building and those employed at Apron 1 to complete both modules. In order to obtain a new or re-issued RAIC, RAP or Airport Identify Card, individuals must provide one of the following to the Pass Office to demonstrate the training has been completed:

1.  Provide a copy of their certificate

2. Provide a copy of their letter of Completion bearing the signaturee of the Calgary Airport Authority Security Coordinator; or

3. Provide a letter/email from  the organization's Senior Requesting Officer/Delegated Officer certifying completion

Airport Security Program - Legislative Requirement

Canadian Aviation Security Regulations 2012, Part 4, Division 0, Section 191(2) (f) states:

As part of the airport security program, the operator of an aerodrome must establish and implement a security awareness program that promotes a culture of security vigilance and awareness among the following persons:

i)  persons who are employed at the aerodrome;

ii)  crew members who are based at the aerodrome; and

iii)  persons, other than crew members, who require access to the aerodrome in the course of their employment


Individuals must take the online course to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding that will allow them to contribute to the safety and security of the Calgary International Airport.

Course Instructions

There are two training modules to complete. Complete each module (National and YYC). Upon completion of each module, you will have the ability to save and print a certificate.

Provide the Certificates of Completion to your Requesting Officer or Records Department responsible for training.  It is the responsibility of each organisation to ensure CASAP Training has been completed.

National (English)
YYC (English)