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YYC becomes a little sunnier today
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YYC becomes a little sunnier today

As part of our commitment to making YYC a barrier-free and inclusive space for everyone, today we officially welcome the globally recognized Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program to YYC. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a tool that individuals with a hidden disability can use to indicate that they may need a bit more time, help, or understanding as they make their way through the airport.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard is the most commonly seen signifier; however, individuals may also use Sunflower wristbands, ribbons, or pins to show that they need a little extra time or help as they travel through our airport.

Guests will be able to pick up a lanyard, pin, or ID card from Information on the Arrivals level beside Door 9 or request these items in advance using our Accessible Support Request Form.

What does this mean for you?

Creating safe and accessible spaces is the responsibility of the entire airport community, as such, we encourage all Team YYC to access the resources available on TeamYYC.com to ensure you understand what the Sunflower means and how to support our guests wearing it.

If you see someone wearing the Sunflower as they make their way through YYC, remember to ask them if they require assistance before making any assumptions, everyone knows what kind of help they may need!

If you are unsure of how to best support a guest, or if you feel you need additional support, reach out to Information at 403-735-1234, and the Customer Care Ambassador team will be able to assist.

What is a hidden disability?

  • A hidden disability is one that is not immediately obvious, so you may not always be able to tell if an individual has a hidden disability.
  • There are many different types of hidden disabilities – from learning difficulties and chronic or mental health conditions, to mobility, speech, cognitive, hearing, or visual impairments.

What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

  • It is a globally recognized tool that provides an opportunity for those with invisible disabilities to get more support along their journey while they travel through the airport.
  • The Sunflower icon is a yellow sunflower on a green background, and indicates that the person wearing it, or someone with them, has a hidden disability and may need some support, understanding, or simply a little more time.

What should you do if you see someone wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

  1. Ask if you can help.
  2. Be kind.
  3. Listen closely.
  4. Have patience.
  5. Do not judge.
  6. Show respect.

To learn more about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, visit the program’s website. For questions about YYC’s involvement with the Program, please reach out to The Authority's Terminal Operations department.

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