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We are #TeamYYC. Do you know someone  who goes above and beyond in their job that should be featured for an upcoming #TeamYYC blog? Leave us a comment or email yyccommunications@yyc.com! 

#WarmWishesWednesday: Logan
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#WarmWishesWednesday: Logan

Ground Side Supervisor, Calgary Airport Authority

In our special holiday edition of #WhiteHatWednesday, we will highlight one of the awesome members of Team YYC. This week, read on to learn more about Logan, Ground Side Supervisor.

To most, the busy holiday season at the airport means family and friends flying in and out, but to Logan and his team of two it means snow removal and ice control.
A 22-year employee with the Calgary Airport Authority, Logan says, “the biggest challenge of the job in winter is insuring public safety while dealing with the changing and adverse weather conditions.”

Even though he holds a degree in Criminal Justice, he says the work he does here gives him great satisfaction and is very rewarding.

Responsible for removing snow from 152 acres, clearing 32 kilometers of roadway and maintaining 166 acres of lawn, Logan and team are kept busy! “Every winter we lay down approximately 1200-1500 tonnes of sand and salt. And we make sure 5500 feet of Christmas lights are hung each December.”

It’s not just in the winter that Logan is busy. In the spring and fall, he goes above and beyond by supervising a garage full of dogs for the PALS (Pet Access League Society) evaluation in the groundside maintenance centre. In the summer, (when he also mentors six students), he trades operating snow blowers and bobcats for boats and muscle cars.

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