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Sign up for Safety Week FOD Walks
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Sign up for Safety Week FOD Walks

As part of Canadian Airport Safety Week (CASW), we’re reinforcing the importance of keeping all airside areas clean through good housekeeping, prompt and proper disposal of all garbage and debris. We will be hosting two foreign object debris (FOD) walks on Thursday, Sept. 15 and Friday, Sept. 16.

All garbage and debris are referred to as FOD and includes any loose item such as rocks, screws, bolts, broken luggage pieces, coffee cups, water bottles, baggage tags and more. Even a couch and a microwave have been found in the past! FOD is a significant safety hazard as these items have the potential to get sucked into an aircraft engine, or become a projectile from a jet blast, risking injury or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to aircraft, buildings or equipment.

All YYC airside staff share a responsibility in minimizing debris on the airfield. Some of the ways we maintain a clean and safe airfield is by doing a FOD walk prior to every aircraft arrival, and regular inspections, maintenance and repairs of the asphalt and concrete aircraft movement surfaces.

Anyone with a valid RAIC and a hi-vis safety vest can register for the event. Closed footwear (at a minimum) is also required. Garbage bags and disposable gloves will be provided. Anyone who registers and participates in the CASW FOD Walks will be entered in a draw to win a prize.

Register for FOD Walk #1 – Sept. 15

Register for FOD Walk #2 – Sept. 16

Please register for Apron I FOD Walks by Saturday, Sept. 10.

A minimum of 20 volunteers are needed each day.

If you would like to organize a FOD Walk for your own organization on any other Apron or Lease Areas during CASW, or need support from YYC, please contact Brenda Coleopy at brendac@yyc.com by Thursday, Sept. 8.

More information about CASW activities at YYC will be shared in the coming days.


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