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The Calgary Airport Authority Leadership News
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The Calgary Airport Authority Leadership News

Good morning,

It is with great appreciation and fondness for Team YYC that I share the news with you first: I will be transitioning the job of President & CEO into the hands of a new leader later this year.

When I accepted this role, I set out to make transformational changes to culture, relationships, and financial sustainability. Having moved the needle forward in those areas, I am leaving appreciative of what has been accomplished in my time with The Authority and looking forward to seeking new challenges in the next stage of my career.

In 2017, I stepped into this position because I saw the potential and opportunity in The Authority and its strong airport community. Thousands of people, each making their own contribution, adds up to make YYC the world-class airport that it is. 

The Board will launch a search process in the coming days. I will remain in this role and work with the Board on a transition strategy that ensures the organization has the leadership and stability needed throughout the process.

Thank you, Team YYC, for a remarkable and memorable period of my life. And thank you, in advance, for your focus and patience as this transition takes place.



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