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Winter Walking Tips
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Winter Walking Tips

From the Airport Authority Safety Manager

We have had a whole lot of winter this year, with cold temperatures and more than average snowfall. This can be a very trying time of year to get to and from your home, car and work. With the warmer temperatures having finally arrived, the snow melt during the day and freezing temeraptures overnight lead to icy surfaces and piles of hard-packed snow, posing potential hazards for our pedestrians.

Our maintenance crews have been working very hard over the past few months and will continue to remove snow and ice, putting sand or chemical on pedestrian pathways, parking lots and roadways.

Winter may not be quite over, but here are a few tips to bear in mind to help make it safe as you are out and about this spring:

  1. Wear proper footwear, that provide traction on snow and ice, non-slip rubber with good treads,
  2. Maintain three points of contact when getting in and out of vehicles,
  3. Stay on appropriate routes, walk on well-lit paths that have been cleared of snow and ice,
  4. Don’t take risks, like climbing over snow banks and fence lines,
  5. Walk at a slower pace and shorten your stride, the bigger your strides, the higher risk of falling,
  6. Walk like a penguin, pointing your feet out slightly will increase your stability,
  7. Keep hands out, increases balance and may help you regain balance should you begin to slip,
  8. Remain aware of conditions, stay alert – don’t walk and text,
  9. Report, hazardous conditions, slips and falls.

One bad fall can have long- term consequences. Whether at home or work, taking a bit more time to prepare before you make your way out, can make it safe to walk outdoors during less than ideal conditions.

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